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It was good

as good goes

I like being myself,living by my own rules and accomplishing anything that anyone thinks that i cant. Right now im working at the Hampton Inn as a receptionist, and i hope that after a long enough period of working here and learning everything i can, i will be going off to school for Travel and Tourism. And after i graduate, i hope that i can persue in owning my own hotel, anywhere in the world. I love my job for many reason; meeting all the new people is amazing. I love all of the people that i work with. And of course, because hotel managment is beautiful.
I loveee music, DMB especially. Every morning, i try to listen to new songs while i get ready for work. I dont watch alot of T.V. if i do, i'd rather watch movies. But overall, i would rather sit down and read the most amazing book, or write the most amazing piece of poetry. I love watching sports,mostly,baseball and football. I like videogames-competative ones. Iam a very competative person. Im amazing at beer bong, and i can kick some ass at fuse ball. But stick me in the gym back in high school, and im totally fucking out of there. Get me drunk, and ill kill you with my competition.
Iam very personal person. I like time to myself. And im not a very nice person when im mad. Iam a cancer.And iam very stubborn. But when you love me, i could probably love you better then anyone in the world. Im a hopeless romantic, and i do trust people too easily.

My 2007 New Years Resolution;
to stay happy.

"Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world"